[RULES] FOR MMP Tournament players

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[RULES] FOR MMP Tournament players

Post by Lisa on Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:33 pm

[Please Note: No MMP players can able to broke those rules in any kind of MMO games, or else the player will lost his or her account for full 10 years. Thank You]

study ALL of participate have been notified not to PvP like a cowed, As long as you can stay out of the PvP or which game have GvG fight [Rule made by Twinkle Rinkley]

Arrow Do not try to mess up with any normal players, and not even try to show your skills, powers etc. [Rule made by Arjun Tendulker]

Cool Do not try to cheat in MMO games, or else your account can ban by the server [Rule made by Lisa Arden]

Rolling Eyes  don't let other players know about your mission, founding item, or any kind of details. Play as like a nice, kind hearted and try to expand your mind for other players or your game-mates. [Rule Made by Rika Minami]

Like a Star @ heaven Keep safe your account codex, don't share it with or else if somehow you lost your item or account of any game [Rule made by Angel Erai]

                                         Update [1] is running, more will be add soon

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