2nd March, 2016 (RMO chat) - Niko City

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2nd March, 2016 (RMO chat) - Niko City

Post by Alisa on Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:21 pm

Yumiko: Zeron!? Hi, how are you? After a long time.
Zeron: Who are you?
Yumiko: How did you forget me? : Cried:
Zeron: I don’t have time for a girl, get lost from here!
Zakan: LOL! Is she your girlfriend?
Zeron: NEVER!
Aiko: Is that the new city where front player and their fight are going to show at the big screen??
Jasmine: It is!
Aiko: What is the different between a God of Destiny and Other divisions?
Jasmine: God of Destiny users are rare and legendary, they can able to use their own style in game as real world
Aiko: I see, thanks for the help. By the way how to be God of Destiny Signed user?
Jasmine: You cannot be.
Aiko: uh, okay thanks again.
Jasmine: Oh! And only they can place rescue the C’RM players from DRZ, who was in dead sleep.
Aiko: who is that player?
Marcus: In DRZ the top GoD player was Peter Arden, from Golden X Revolution, and my favorite player was Alisa Arden his sister, she was too cute but according to DRZ server history Alisa gone to dead sleep.
Jasmine: Uh!? Were you a fan of her?
Marcus: Yes! Of Course, she was a real princess, I only dream for her.
Jasmine: :Sigh: Wake up from your dream, Marcus. I am going to check my new weapon and I heard that in RMO III a GoD player still alive who is going to save his friend and GM told in mail that GoD player have some secret badges they use in battle.
Zeron: Who was that Alisa you guys are talking?
Marcus: Her game name was Rinon.
Zakan: Oh my god!
Zeron: what’s wrong?
Zakan: It’s that girl who cleared RMO I and II alone.
Zeron: Wasn’t that was rumor?
Zakan: No! it was truth, in PvP she only took 10 sec to defeat me last time.
Zeron: Are you joking?
Zakan: No! She is over power player a GoD division and her partner name was Lenon.
Niki: What the relationship between them?
Marcus: Between Lenon and Rinon’s relationship no one knows that, because they are like lovers, like sibling and like a friend too.
Jasmine: You mean like Vocaloid’s Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len?
Marcus: Yes!
অর্জুন: Hi guys, what’s up?
Zeron: Ask Arjun, he knows GoD players.
অর্জুন: Yes?
Aiko: who are RMO III’s GoD players?
অর্জুন: Samira (GM), Rika (GM), Lisa, me, Lenon and Rinon. Look! Here is the list ***
Aiko: I see but where is Len and Rin, are they changed their name?
অর্জুন: Lenon did, Rinon didn’t. Well in other worlds she is in sleep but in RMO W4 from DRZ dead sleep player can be rescue from sleep but they will keep in coma, because they cannot wake up in real world till Cord diving stop. Got to go now for work! Bye see you all soon~
Marcus: Let’s go team!
Zakan: Go!
[Date: 2nd March, 2016/ Server Time: 18:00 – 20:00 o’clock]
[Chat System Text: Writed and convert by R-world]

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