13th to 14th March , 2016 (RMO chat) - Niko City

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13th to 14th March , 2016 (RMO chat) - Niko City

Post by Alisa on Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:55 pm

[Epi: End of the world – RMO, 13th to 14th March]
Klin: should I change my name to back?
Rinon: It will be the best…
Klin: lol…maybe if someday I play a normal mmorpg I will use that name again.
Kazuto: look everyone, the power round has started, our best parson please go ahead…
Ayush: okay if you say so~
Kazuto: Not you lol
Rinon: lol
Ayush: then who?
Rinon: She is talking about len…
Kazuto: Right!~
Klin: Wait wait, I am not good enough to handle alone
Rinon: You don’t have to do anything alone…I always will be with you and other all too.
Miku (GM): only last two God of Destiny users are left, so be careful lenon and rinon
Klin: I wish if you are my girlfriend. -sigh-
Miku (GM): What!?
Rinon: never mind him, his girlfriend has same name like you so lol he crossed
Klin: Sorry
Miku (GM): LOL…that’s really funny
Arman: Klin…today I have a request to you
Klin: What you need and why you came here?
Arman: I want to marry your girlfriend and want to kill you so easily…and today your DTG best friend is coming…
Klin: If you just touch her so I will cut you in little pieces, then I promise to you that I will cook you and make the food of dogs.
Arman:urrrhh…the result will not good lenon kirigamine.
Zeno: wow!...so impressive, finally the day has come when DTG VS their best and trusted child
Arman: Remember that you cheat on us lenon…no one will forgive you till you give us your soul.
Klin: sorry I already give that to someone, you have to ask her if she returns you or not..
Zakan: Len! Watch out!
Klin: What the hell you are doing? City isn’t for fight~
Arman: Then get ready…we will wait for you at the gate.
Miku (GM): Please we are requesting you all of DTG team please, not more killing, for RMO we already lost a lot of players, and only len and rin left as GoD player. So please leave them~
Arman: Then we just need lenon, give him to us and go anyone will never touch anyone.
Miku (GM): len!
Klin: Accept it!
Rinon: Len! -slaped-
Zakan: Oh my God!
Klin: why?
Rinon: don’t forget you are not single anymore. Care for your life, it’s not only belongs to you only…
Zeno: That’s true fellow…
Aziz: Let’s go Arma~
Klin: Rin-chan, don’t worry I will not die I promise, just let me go. Please!
Rinon: But how could you will fight? They are full team and over it you lost your CC code.
Klin: I am a GoD player and I am assamble type…don’t worry I still have something whatever that power I can’t control like it’s effect over me, though for emergency it’s a perfect weapon Rin. Believe me~
Rinon: Good Luck! Len-chan
Zeno: Here. Your Arrows len~
Klin: Thanks~
Rainbow: Guys the gate has open, so what we are waiting for?
リン: Eker~
Klin: What!?
リン: LOL! Never mind watch your front ren-chan.
Klin: Rogar! Ouch!
Rinon: That’s why she said -Sigh-
Zakan: It will our last seen to Niko City. The city is so beautiful~
Klin: Then why don’t you stay here?
Zakan: Len? As you have someone in real world, it’s same for me too~
Klin: Oooooooooooooooooo! So the water gone so far LOL
Zakan: LOL! I still can’t forgot my best friend -tears-
Klin: Come Zak… he did his best to survive but he saved you. Protect his treasure okay?
Zakan: Yeah I will~
Rinon: Good Luck! Len-chan! Keep Your Promise On!
Klin: and for you, I will meet you in real world for onces, so you have to survive too… I have to give something that Peter left for you and Lisa.
Rinon: Okay Lenny-channy
Klin: LOL, well then see you in real world…good luck partner~
Rinon: Good luck your too~
Zakan: I am ready to go…
[Niko City- Written by Miku (GM)]

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